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Platinum Lounge Services

This service is designated to ensure a swift process through the airport formalities and is tailor-made for VIP guests, first time travellers, the elderly and disabled passengers.




Platinum Meet and Assist:

Platinum Team, Officer and bellboy, will meet the passenger at the aircraft gate or remote gate door with passenger name boards. Passenger will be accompanied throughout the whole airport arrival process. 
Platinum Team accompanies the passenger through the luggage claim area after passport control. The passangers will be taken to the driver who awaits them. 



Platinum Meet and Assist :

Platinum Officer gets in touch with the driver and meets the passenger at the terminal entrance, while the Bellboy takes the luggage from the car. Meanwhile, the Platinum Officer accompanies the passenger to the check-in desk and gives support during its process. After the check-in is completed, the passenger is escorted to the passport control and then to the gate. 


Accompanying at Passport Control :

waiting time at the passport control is being minimized by the permissions taken in advance by Platinum Team. When passport controls are done passenger is again met at the back of passport control. 


Check-in Service :

Before the arrival of the passenger to the terminal, requested seat reservation can be arranged in cooperation with airline supervisors, thus making check-in much speedier. During check-in process, luggage labeling and boarding documentation will be given to the passenger on arrival. 



Departure Lounge Services: 

Antalya ICF Lounge T1 
The majority of international flights leave from Terminal 1, upon entering you will find the comfort of a lounge located on the mezzanine floor to escape from the everyday crowdedness of airports.  Enjoy the cool air conditioning while laying on the comfy couches provided; you can also surf the Internet on Wi-Fi or watch some TV to pass the time. 

Antalya ICF Lounge T2 
When it gets busy during peak season at Terminal 2, escape into the conveniently located airport lounge to beat the rush. Refreshments, satellite TV and Internet access are all available, and the full air conditioning throughout the lounge adds to your comfort.