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About Antalya

* Antalya is located among various natural beauties. With its boulevards lined with palm trees, it is considered to be the most important tourism center within Turkey. Antalya’s marina has even won many international merits and awards. Kaleiçi, located to the side of Antalya city boasts of narrow alleyways of old wooden houses lined up against aged and historical city walls. Antalya has always been a desired area amongst both travelers and settlers throughout history. 


Before the Ottoman Empire, the Roman, Byzantine and Seljuk Empires ruled the city. Yivli Minareli Cami (The Fluted Minaret Mosque) that was built by Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat of Seljuks in the 13th century and since its establishment it remains a well-known symbol of Antalya. During the same period in time, the Karatay Madrasah, also located in Kaleici, showcases the best example of the stone workman ships of the Seljuks.


The two of the most important mosques in Antalya city include the Muratpasa Mosque of the 18th century, and the İskele Mosque located next to the marina, which was built during 19th century from cut stones on four columns above a natural spring. Hıdırlık was built as a lighthouse in the 2nd century AD. Kesik Minareli(The cut minaret)Mosque showcases the brief history of the city that has been witness to the rule of the Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman empires. A three-vaulted gate was built in 130 AD to honor the Empire. The Hadrian Gate still can be seen with its entire splendor, with the watchtower in Kale Kapısı Square that was also part of the old city walls.


The rocky coastline of Central Antalya has hotels with platform beaches. We recommend a trip to Terracity, with its large shopping center, for either a short break or quick business trip.


Antalya Resort Details:




Konyaaltı – Has beautiful pebble beaches, with reasonably priced hotels for our younger crowds.


Lara Kundu – Is known for its first class hotels with excellent family infrastructure, perfect for both kids and parents alike. Their wide, sandy beaches also make it a worthwhile visit.


* Belek –  located 30 km southwest of Antalya and the airport, is considered the newest resort region of Turkey. This region is known for its beautiful eucalyptus and pine forests, as well as its rich flora and fauna. This is one of the few corners of Turkey unique to an array of bird species. On of the symbolic birds to Belek include the Tuto-Alba owl. Infinitely wide ranges of sandy beaches are home to hotels built and equipped with the latest technology. In this region with its five-star hotels and clubs of the eloquent architecture, offers intriguing pools and large scenic gardens. Belek is the perfect place for lovers of outdoor sports and recreation. Nearly all the hotels have their own golf courses where you can take private lessons. The harmonious combination of wildlife and nature mixed with well developed resort infrastructures attracts many tourists around the world.


Belek Resort Details:


   belek1.jpg   belek-golf.jpg


Kadriye, Belek – This reputable and prestigious resort consists of only 5 star hotels that accommodate a variety of luxury amenities such as - golf, horseback riding, and fitness activities.


Bogazkent – located away from the center of Belek. Bogazkent offers reasonable 5 star hotels with shallow watered sandy beaches.


* Side region is one of the oldest settlements known for its inhabitance by the Greeks eight thousand years ago. However, the city is not Greek, but rather it is Anatolian and translates to "pomegranate" - a symbol known for fertility during those times. In ancient times, Side was one of the richest city in the Mediterranean where pirate ships moored, and the city market flourishing in slave trade. There are lots of unique architectural monuments.


- Roman arched gate, the ancient theater, the temple of Athena and Apollo, Roman baths, a necropolis, a statue of the emperor Vespasian. The city of Side, located on a small peninsula, is a major cultural and commercial center of the region. Well known to many tourists, Side’s plentiful hotels are both luxurious and located amongst breathtaking views of the coast.


Side Resort Details: 


side1.jpg  side.jpg  


Colaklı – Modern 4 and 5 star hotels are located here with magnificent golden sandy beaches.


Kumkoy – a picturesque bay with gently sloping beaches, and shallow coastal waters. Ideal for families with children.


Тitreyengol – famous for its artificial lake, sandy beaches and laidback and cheerful village atmosphere.


Kızılagac – Large club hotels with sandy beaches and pine forests.


Sorgun – Club hotels located amongst coniferous forests with spacious sand and pebble beaches.


* Alanya One hundred and twenty kilometers southeast of Antalya is one of the most popular resorts of the Turkish Riviera - Alanya. Alanya attracts tourists not only for its laidback atmosphere, but also due to its rich historical background. The history of the city dates back to ancient times. Originally founded by Greek colonists in the second century BC, this area was known as Korakesium and was once considered a famous pirate fleet
base. By the time of the construction of the first fortifications, it sheltered many people from constant pirate raids. Roman rule, which began with the campaign of Pompey in 65 BC, was a time of prosperity and power for the city. Later, Mark Antony as a sign of love and devotion gave this land to Cleopatra. The city stretches along the cliffs of the ancient fortress walls. Apart from the fortress, worthwhile places to visit are the Archaeological Museum, the Red Tower in the harbor, shipyard, grottoes and caves. Today, Alanya - a recognized tourist center with its well-developed foundation of services and entertainment, provides an excellent opportunity for an affordable holiday.


Alanya Resort Details: 




Оkurcular – proximity to the hotel Side and some hotels have free buses from Okurcular to Side and to Alanya. Hotels on the coast are lined with sand and pebble beaches. Recommended for a relaxing holiday vacation.


Incekum – sandy coastline, with 4 and 5 star hotels, which separated from the coastal zone with underground passages.


Konaklı – Affordable 3 and 4 star hotels with both sand and pebble beaches.


Оbagol – Affordable 3 and 4 star hotels located across from sand and pebble beaches.


Мahmutlar – the most remote region from Antalya Airport and currently under construction.


* Kemer is located on the Mediterranean coast, 42 km southwest from the city of Antalya. The name of this touristic region arose from "Chimare", which is a Greek mythological creature resembling a fire-breathing serpent with the head of a lion and the tail of a snake. The region is known for its hotels and high - end clubs, which are located in several resort areas including - Beldibi, Goynuk, Kiris, Camyuva Tekirova. The total length of the beach in Kemer is more than forty kilometers long. Located between the sea and mountains, Kemer, is more humid than other resorts on the coast of Antalya. The many advantages of Kemer include its Blue Flag award for its crystal clear water and astonishing beaches. The coast is also famous for its pine forests and picturesque bays. The airport shuttle to the hotel in Kemer is just over an hour and runs along the scenic coast, which entails of beautiful landscapes.


Kemer Resort Details:




Beldibi-1 – many 3 star hotels with sand and pebble beaches.


Beldibi-2 – old club hotels with vast territories, pebble beaches. Since the hotel is located within forest territory, it is strongly recommended to use mosquito repellent.


Beldibi-3 – Affordable 3 star hotels on the coast line.


Goynuk – a great alternative to the center of Kemer. Shopping promenade, bars, and markets with various activies including hiking, horseback riding or cycling in the canyon.


Center of Kemer – hotels with compact territory that provide great opportunities to take walks outside the hotels and explore, as well as, go on sea voyages from the harbor.


Kiris – Modern 4 and 5 star hotels with pebble beaches within close proximity to Kemer.


Camyuva – affordable hotels with pebble beaches. The village itself is a rather small settlement with slow rhythm.


Теkirova – a lovely place for diving. Its hotels and clubs boast of large landscapes amongst small round pebble beaches. Located within close proximity to the ancient city of Olympos and Phaselis.


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