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About Istanbul



Istanbul a fantastic city, the only metropolis in the world located between two continents: Europe and Asia. Istanbul stands out for its architecture, culture and lengthy history. Within minutes you are guaranteed to fall in Love with this city. Its exotic atmosphere and historical vibes make Istanbul a city that is impossible to forget. Excursions are a necessity in Istanbul in order to view all the magnificence this city has to provide.


Here are 10 top reasons to visit Istanbul:




1. Istanbul – A touristic and friendly city. Istanbul is used to receiving millions of tourists from all parts of the world. Easy to navigate on foot, Istanbul has plenty of attractions and with much entertainment. Known as a paradise for photographers, Istanbul has great scenery, wonderful beaches with many unique markets, museums, mosques, and so much more.

2. Istanbul – A paradise of hotels. If you are fond of luxury hotels – Istanbul is your location. Taksim, one of many neighborhoods is known for its nightlife festivities and renown shopping experience. You can find a wide
range of affordable hotels offering wonderful views of the Golden Horn, the Marmara Sea, as well as the Blue Mosque. If your budget allows there are plenty more hotels which are located on the coast boasting elegant views of the Bosphorus.

3. Istanbul – It’s not just all about carpets. Istanbul is known for its exquisite hand woven carpentry, however it is a city known for much more than that. While staying in this beautiful city be sure to go check out the Grand Bazaar and Spice Market. Drink chai while sellers introduce you to their specialty of goods. Remember that while in Turkey, no deal is a done deal without the magic of bargaining; politely ask for a reduction in price and you are sure to receive just that. All traditional markets are located in the old town with new and trendy shops in the center. Keep an eye out for great buys such as a semi-precious stone by the name of chalcedony.

4. Istanbul – is completely surrounded by the sea. Bosphorus Strait; connecting the Black and Marmara Sea that separates Europe from Asia. Cruise on the Bosphorus - one of the most popular entertainments in Istanbul.

5. Istanbul – is built on silk and gold. Istanbul has a rich history. This city was known as a settlement located on the Silk Road. First going by the name of Byzantium, then Constantinople, and now Istanbul.

6. Istanbul –Lokum (Turkish delight). One of the highlights of visiting Istanbul is its world-renowned cuisine. The vast variety offered in this Mediterranean cuisine consists of healthy, tasty, and affordable dishes.

7. Istanbul –The Real City That Never Sleeps. Being the sociable city that Istanbul is, the nightlife sector remains one of the most sought after entertainment. Endless numbers of wine bars, clubs with live music, hookah lounges and pubs are lined right next to one another.

8. Istanbul – Steam Baths and Hamams. Marble stone baths are divided into male and female section, ensuring visitors relaxation, harmony, and peace of mind. Hamams also provide personal and private massages with
specialized aromatherapy oils to help relieve stress normally accumulated during the day.

9. Istanbul – is easily accessible. Direct flight are offered to and from Istanbul via various Commonwealth of Independent States countries.

10. Istanbul – a city comprised of history. The only city in the world to become capital of two world empires for more than two millennia.




Calypso Tour in Istanbul offers a full range of services:

-From 5 star deluxe resorts to more economical 2 or 3 star alternatives.
-Villa style apartments also offer ease with personal kitchen and living room space.
-Transfer and excursions.
-Group tours including; Antique Necklace Turkey; Weekend in Istanbul; Istanbul Charm; Bosphorus Cruise; and Rest on the Sea of Marmara

Write to us, we will make your stay in Istanbul one that is unforgettable!


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