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About Northern Cyprus



The British, German and Turkish tourists have long appreciated the advantages of holiday in Northern Cyprus. 
Residents of mainland Turkey come here to relax,unwind and experience the fine casinos these locations have

to offer.


Why should you visit Northern Cyprus?


1. You will not need a visa. Northern Cyprus is a country with a visa-free entry.

2. Dates of your stay. If you choose to, you can remain in North Cyprus for up to 3 months.

3. There is always something new to see. 80% of the historical attractions on the island of Cyprus are located 
in the territory of Northern Cyprus.
Ancient city - Salamis and Soli, ancient castles in the mountains-Kantara,Bufavento and St. Hilarion Castle,
monasteries and churches, the most famous of which - the Monastery of St. Andrew the Apostle and the Monastery 
of St. Barnabas.

4. 55% of the best sandy beaches are located in the northern part of the island of Cyprus.Clean water,relaxed 
atmosphere and the perfect sight to encounter sea turtle are just one of few reasons to visit.

5. Northern Cyprus - All beaches in Northern Cyprus, whether beachhotels,private or wild beaches,even in high 
season are not crowded like many other tourist destinations.

6. The healing properties of climate change. Due to its constantly low humidity patients suffering from 
respiratory diseases such as asthma,bronchitis, and tuberculosis find this location quite favorable.

7. The longest beach season on the Mediterranean. The summer season stretches from March to November,330 days of sunshine per year and the sea temperature even in winter does not fall below + 17C.

8. Casino and service. Enjoy the unlimited casino games and superb Turkish service.

9. No genetically modified foods. North Cyprus offers you the finest organic produce available. You will not 
be served any type of genetically modified foods including meats and produce.

10. Paradise diving. The depths of the Mediterranean Sea are open for all divers to experience. Treasure and 
adventure await those who are looking to experience unusual sea diving with clubs that are always ready to 
offer their services to those whom are interested.


Calypso Calypso Calypso


Calypso Tour offers: 

The best hotels in North Cyprus: 

Noah’s Ark (5 star hotel), Merit Hotel (5 star hotel), Acapulco Beach (5 star hotel), Salamis Bay (5 star hotel), 
Kaya Artemis (5 star hotel), Lapethos (4 star hotel) 
• Nutrition FB +, All Inclusive 
• Spacious and comfortable accommodations 
• Sandy beaches, playgrounds, water parks and children's pools 
• Children's entertainment as well as babysitting services
• Children under 6.99 age – free - 
• Airtickets from Istanbul (Pegasus Airlines, Atlas Jet, Turkish Airlines),convenient connections 
• Fixed-combination tours Istanbul + Northern Cyprus 
• Transfer and excursions.


Discover new horizons with us!


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