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Muslim hotels

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Muslim tourism and recreation, or Halal tourism - a new product in the tourism industry, which provides people the opportunity to rest in accordance with their religious beliefs and practices.

Features and concept of rest in Muslim:

• Cafes and restaurants offer only soft drinks
• Buildings equipped with chapel premises
• Pools and spas, as well as beaches - separate for men and women
• Beaches for families with the Islamic dress code
• Boys older than 5 years are not allowed to visit places separated only for women
• Girls older than 5 years are not allowed to visit places, separated for men only
(Please note that 5 years is not an exact age limit, and the information for your reference. The final decision rests with the management of the hotel).

Hotels with the Muslim concept provides the opportunity to relax and sunbathe in the sun, enjoy the beach and the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, without prejudice to the value of religious belief.

Terms and Conditions:

• If you cancel or change up to 31 days before the date of the entry fee will be charged
• If you cancel or change within 16 days before the date of entry will be charged 40% of the order value
• If you cancel or modified up to 8 days before the date of entry will be charged 50% of the order value
• At a later cancellation or change will be charged 100% of the order value

Below you can find hotels with Muslim concepts:


Adenya Hotel & Resort
Alanya, Antalya
Bera Hotel
Alanya, Antalya
Sah Inn Paradise Hotel
Alanya, Antalya
adenya.jpg bera.jpg sah-inn.jpg


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