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Ski Resorts in Turkey


Uludag Ski Resort is located in the southern part of the Sea of Marmara region, 240 km from Istanbul and 35 km 
from Bursa. The resort is located within the Uludag National Park. The ski season here lasts a total of 120 days
a year, with the most favorable period being December 20 to March 20. Snow depth in Uludag can reach up to 3 
meters. Most of the slopes here are for beginners, with about 45% of the slopes qualifying at medium difficulty 
and 3% at expert level. The resort is divided into two ski areas. The first ski area is comprised of 16 lifts,while
the second is comprised of 7. All hotels have their own lifts, however interested tourists can use other lifts by 
purchasing a subscription. Uludag offers many other winter sports aside from just skiing as well. 
With great beginner and intermediate ski trails, ski in ski out hotels, hot springs, and favorable conditions for 
those with children – a fantastic reason to experience the fun Uludag Ski Resort has to offer!



Height of resort: 1765 m 
Ski Area: 1765-2500 m 
Lifts: 23 (12 chair lifts, 11 ski lifts) 
Aside from skiing: slot machines, concerts featuring Turkish artists,nightclub entertainment,forest trails,excursions 
in Bursa, as well as thermal springs.


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BOLU Kartalkaya Ski Resort is located 270 km from Istanbul,west of the Black Sea and southeast of Bolu. 
The resort is located in Keroglu National Park. The ski season here lasts 120 days a year, with their peak season lasting from January through February. Snow Park is a massive tourist attraction and the only one of its kind. 
A total of 15 tracks: 3 blue slopes,8 red and 4 black, with most of these tracks being short. The resort is suitable 
for skiers of all levels. The dynamic resort of Kartalkaya attracts those interested in traditional downhill skiing and 
as well as snowboarding.




Ski Area: 1800-2220 m 
Lifts: 8 (2 chairlifts, 6 ski for young skiers built special children lifts) 
Aside from skiing: slot machines, ski schools, snowboarding school, cafes and canteens.


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Kartepe Ski Resort is located in the province of Kocaeli, 115 km from Istanbul. Located within the gulf of Kocaeli, 
Kartepe make Europe's only resort with a "sea view". 
The average snow can reach anywhere from 0.40 - 0.90 meters. 
The resort has 14 slopes totaling a length of 48 km. The only resort, featuring 5 star hotel, offers ample opportunities for ski lovers and sports fans all throughout the year. Its proximity to the airport in Istanbul makes 
the resort attractive to corporate clientele.



Ski Area: 1950 m 
Lifts: 5 (3 chairlifts, 2 tows) 
Aside from skiing: wellness area of 1500 m2, SPA services, off-road trails, and hunting.


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