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Ski resorts in Turkey ready to open season

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Snowfall, which continue in the eastern region of Turkey, hinder the daily lives of local residents, but encouraging employees ski resorts and tourists who are planning this year to ski.

Starting with the last Wednesday in the eastern Turkish Erzurum, claiming to be the best ski resort in Turkey, continued heavy snowfall, which led to the closure of many country roads and increase the danger of traffic.


A total of 50 rural roads in Erzurum Turkey and other eastern areas were covered with snow. Municipalities mobilized Snow staff to clear the roads of drifts. Erzurum uotov to the reception of tourists. Locals such weather brings a lot of difficulties, but for tourists who are beginning to flock to the ski resorts, it fits perfectly. So, on the mountain Palandoken snow cover has reached 20 cm in Konakli - 30 cm, although frosts are kept small - an average of about 2 degrees Celsius.


In other regions of Turkey as snow. Kartalkaya (tour. Kartalkaya), a ski resort located in the west of the Black Sea region of Turkey in the mountains Keroglu Bolu Province, waiting for the first tourists. Snow depth reached 30 centimeters here. At the request of the administration, are currently undergoing tests the ski season opens Dec. 5. It's time to buy airline tickets and get ready for an exciting vacation.

Sarykamysh (tour. Sarıkamış), a ski resort in the province of Kars, is also ready to receive tourists. As a result of snowfall, which lasted three days, snow depth reached 30 cm here. For the next three months in local hotels booked 70 seats. The ski slopes are fully ready to receive tourists in early December.


Uludag ready to receive tourists. Uludag (tour. Uludağ), ski resort, 35 km from Bursa and 150 km from Istanbul, already boasts 33 cm of snow. Season officially begins in Uludag 15 December, but now tourists booked 50 percent of hotel rooms.


Employees ski resorts are sure that snow deficit this year will not, and the ski season in Turkey will take place perfectly. Recall that last year the snow at ski resorts was not enough.