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Thermal Resorts in Turkey

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Pamukkale’s water with its enriched calcium has been known for its amazing healing and rejuvenating properties.
The water temperature in Pamukkale averages at 36° C, with 17 types of alternative thermal waters. The chemical 
composition of the water is altered for individual patients and monitored closely by staff doctors. Thermal water
is known to cure rheumatism,rickets, cardiovascular, neurological, skin and gastrointestinal diseases, lumbago, 
psoriasis, eczema, as well as daily fatigue and stress.


Yalova is located 60 km from the city of Istanbul in a beautiful area that is famous for its hot mineral springs dating back to the Ottoman Empire.
The water has a therapeutic and relaxing effect on the body. The water baths here are recommended for diseases of the musculoskeletal system,gastrointestinal tract, various kinds of neuralgia, metabolic diseases, obesity, skin diseases, as well as the urogenital diseases.



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At the heart of Turkey in the province of Sivas, near the town of Kangal, is a miraculous thermal source
for those suffering from psoriasis. Found within the selenium and zinc rich waters are small fishes with healing 
qualities. The fish themselves will carefully heal patients with skin requiring treatment. The fish,who habitat 
the 36-37 °C water,expertly eliminate dead skin cells while using their saliva to act as a healing balm. The use 
of mineral water expels a majority of the remnants from the disease. A positive result will not take long to show.



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The mid land spa resort is located at an altitude of 109 m above sea level, at the foot of Mount Uludag.
The water found here is full of various minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and sulfate. The bicarbonate water 
temperature can be found anywhere from 39 to 58 °C and is generally used to treat diseases of the gastrointestinal
tract and the musculoskeletal system, as well as gynecological and endocrine diseases.




Afyon has room to entertain more than 12,000 people including the inhabitants of Turkey and as well as any foreign
tourists. The local hot springs are suitable for the treatment of rheumatism, joint diseases, polio, diseases of the
cardiovascular system and upper respiratory tract, obesity, neuralgia, infertility, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, various
diseases of the nervous and urinary tract, kidney stones disease, psoriasis, back pain and arthralgia. The city is a 
renowned five-star physiotherapy and rehabilitation center. The water temperature in the hot springs can reach up to 95°C.


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