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A beautiful wedding ceremony in Antalya…



Well first and foremost, it is heaven on earth. According to an old legend, King of Bergama, Attalos II, built this incredible city, in his search for a true paradise on earth. After much time searching he was pointed in the direction of the Mediterranean Sea, where he would build the beautiful city of Antalya.

The weather will always greet you with sunny warmth. The sea will surround you with its crystalline shimmer and splendid blue shades. What more can you ask of a paradise? 

Antalya is truly an amazing place with 8/9 months of the year considered summer. Unique parks, waterfalls, sandy beaches, historic mansions and ports are all a welcomed view here. Amazing service at your feet, luxury hotels and restaurants for every taste; it could be the simple reasons why this destination attracts honeymooners from all over the world looking to spend an unforgettable time.

Calypso Tour conducts memorable wedding ceremonies at these famous venues:

• In the church - Museum of St. Nicholas in Demre (December 19 - Wedding Festival)
• In the famous temple of Apollo in Side
• In the Red Tower (Alanya castle)
• In the ancient city Sagalasos the fountain of love Antonina
• In the Greco-Roman theater (ancient city of the World)
• In a historic mansion Alp Pasa Hotel in the old town of Antalya
• The historic restaurant Gizli Bahce in the old town of Antalya
• In a historic mansion Tuvana Hotel in the old town of Antalya
• On Mount Tahtali (2365 m above sea level)
• On a huge catamaran MobiDik (with a capacity of 800 people)
• The tunnel of the largest aquarium in Europe Antalya Aquarium
• Antalya hotels locating on the beach


Ask us - we will offer a variety of locations for all your needs while taking into account both your wishes, as well as your guests!

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